About Us

At NDEVR, we take a hybrid approach to helping our customers by providing high-end proprietary software and custom shared software where needed. We offer various code-ownership models to fill any gaps and get your product to market faster, and with higher quality.

Delivering Value for our Clients

Our team is dedicated to developing unique and innovative solutions to client needs and providing consistent enhancements through our modular toolset. We excel at communication and collaboration to achieve success. As we continue to grow and evolve, our customers’ voices will always have a direct impact on everything we do.

-Tyler Parke, Founder and CEO

Our Development Model

NDEVR utilizes a Configuration Driven Development (CDD) model by internally formatting logic, templates, and UI components in a highly modular standalone fashion. This allows us to have a module toolkit that can be used to rapidly develop and deploy new and unique workflows to meet our users’ unique needs.

Our approach enables us to excel in flexibility, compatibility, and — notably — the dynamic linking of logic groups in reconfigurable ways.